LED lighted Centerpieces

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Weight: 10 lbs.
Size: 8″ Wide  x 8″ Deep / 30″ High
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LED lighted Centerpieces​


  • Wireless
  • LED Color changing
  • Elegant Acrylic Finish
  • Clear Floral Retainer
  • Made in the USA

What's Included

  • Centerpiece with Floral Retainer
  • LED Color changing system
  • Remote control
  • Lifetime Warranty!


  • Multiple Colors/Finishes Available
  • Logos & Branding
  • Custom Dimensions & Fabrication Available
  • Custom Designs

LED lighted Centerpiece are great for any event to showcase floral arrangements that set the mood.


8" x 8" x 30"

  • 8" wide
  • 30" high
  • 8” deep

Solid Construction

-LED lighted Centerpieces made with 100% Acrylic. Making it withstand to the harshest commercial environments.

Lifetime Warranty!

-All of our products include our lifetime guarantee!

Multiple Finishes & Colors Available

-All of our LED lighted Centerpieces can be fabricated in any color. Standard colors such as white are no additional cost while colored acrylics are additional. Contact us for pricing on special finishes

Logos & Branding

Want your LED lighted Centerpiece to have a more personal touch? Want to promote a certain brand in your establishment? Have us add a logo to your LED lighted Centerpiece!

-Often times liquor brands and reps will pay to have their brand on your display. It never hurts to ask them!

Custom Dimensions and Modifications

We can custom tailor your LED lighted Centerpiece to meet your exact needs.